Neila Hutt is a full service design firm based in the heart of Marin County, California. A Bay Area native, she brings a casual and sophisticated style and approach to every project she takes on. As well as private residences and vacation homes, Neila has designed offices, restaurants, hotels, working lofts, and country clubs, both locally and abroad. Her multifaceted body of work has supplied her with an abundance of experience and knowledge in a wide range of design styles and venues. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, Neila finished her studies at UC Berkeley Ext. Interior Architecture Program. She began her career with the internationally acclaimed architecture and design firm Gensler in 2000. After a brief hiatus to start a family, Neila launched Neila Hutt Interior Design in 2010. She now designs residential and commercial interiors for a diverse, interesting, and highly satisfied client base. Her design philosophy is one she learned early in her career, and one she adheres to today: Listen to the client and help them translate what they “like” into a design realty they "love." Make the space reflect the people who live in it, and ensure that it functions beautifully to fit their needs. Always design for your client, not for yourself. Because of this approach, Neila's clients have been delighted with how their homes have been transformed into something they feel connected to.